My Work

  • Applications Software Engineer, Facebook - Building business applications.
  • Sr. Software Engineer, Expedia - Developing cool new features. Creating new APIs for flights.
    Tech Co-founder, Yoga Panda - Mobile marketplace to find & book yoga classes. Our secret sauce is an algorithm to price classes dynamically.
    Builder, Spotify Lyrics - A synched-lyrics app for Mac OS.
    Tech Founder, Vlographer - Platform to discover new youtubers' channels. Think of it like facebook newsfeed, but for Youtube Channels.
    Sr. Software Engineer, Alwusool (Startup) - Architecting and building a system to help universities manage their students' records and data.
    Builder, Smart Walls - Turning walls into touch smart screens using a 3D camera.
    Tech Founder, Snap Food - E-menu for restaurants.
    Builder, School Portal - Making the academic life easy for teachers and students.
    Builder, CMS - a CMS system for schools in the the middle east.

    Whether you're working on a cool idea or trying to make a difference in any way, I'd love to hear from you.